How Much for Monthly Expense?


Since January 15th 2008, I’ve been working in PT Pertamina Persero as a permanent Employee. I’ve been accepted here through the BPS (Bimbingan Program Sarjana) Reqruitment Program of 2007. It has been four months now living in Jakarta, and it has been quite a living here in the big city. I’mean what can’t you find Here?


    There are loads of shopping malls here, Pondok Indah Mall, Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, Plaza Semanggi, Taman Anggrek, Atrium Plaza and others. There are tons of great places for food hunting. Every weekend there is always a place to hang out, either with friends or alone wichever you like. Back when I was still in Mojokerto working in my old company, it was a quiet and small town, there was almost nothing to do on weekends, no fun place to go to. Theese two different living places results in different living costs (obviously).


    In mojokerto, My monthly fixed expenses were around IDR 1,000,000. But now, in Jakarta because of all the fun stuff you could do here, i could spend all my salary in a month, depending on how i tend to spend my weekends.


    Theese couple of months i seem to loose track of how much I’m spending on a monthly basis. So I plan to start to keep track of my expenses in detail. I have to be able to do it easily and portably. This means I have to find a software for my Nokia phone that can accomodate my expense tracking.


    After searching the internet, i picked up a symbian s60 application from getjar called HandyExpense. I’m planning to use this application for a while so that i can start to track my daily expenses and hope that i can gain more control on how I’m spending all my monthly sallary.


    While tracking actual expenses, I must make a budget estimation of how much money i have to spend on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. So, here is my estimation:


    Budget Estimation


    Well, not too conservative i think, but want to try to find out how far i can go on minimum living cost. A bit of a challange living in jakarta on that amount of budget, but curiosity gets better motivation.


    I’ll post the result after I’ve passed one whole month, lets see if i can keep up with this tight budget. Cheers!


2 Responses to “How Much for Monthly Expense?”

  1. 1 Jordan

    my big bro..!!!

    is there really u’r budget..??? why i never see u lunch..???

    hehehee…. piss bro…!!!

  2. 2 kpranarja

    he he my bro….,

    how long can you go…….:)

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