Survival Kit


Surviving in the new world, means a person must be ready for all the situations that are given from this cruel world.. These are the essential equipments that I use in meeting everyday challenges…

Nokia 3250

I’ve been holding on to this phone for quite a while, i first bought it around March 2006. Before, I owned a dedicated nokia 6600 but after a pickpocket tragedy in Malang Town Square I had to find a replacement. After a quick search, the twist camera and the big speaker on the 3250 immediately cought my attention. It soon became my trustfull companion in taking possible advantages of life.

Nokia 6275i

The combination of the need for affordable calls combined with my hunger for information results an eagles eye focus on this masterpiece from nokia. I bought it on around November’07. An iconic CDMA phone that offers mobile internet browsing equiped with standard 2MP camera, video recorder, and bluetooth connection. This is an excellent sidekick for my GSM phone, the two comrades complement each others ability to foresee my needs for communication.

Nokia 6120 classic

After quite some time using AS from Telkomsel as my GSM phone provider, it encountered some serious trouble. I cant seem to connect to the GPRS network after I moved to Jakarta in January’08. I asked the TELKOMSEL helpdesk and they said that the problem was my number itself. They told me that unfortunately, numbers from out of town that enters the jakarta network seems to have the same troubles. From that on, i depended on my Indosat StarOne CDMA connection solely. But that can’t keep up with my needs for faster access of information. On the other hand, I cant throw away my old phone number as for the reason that many of my contacts depend on that number. So, I had to get a hold on a new number that is cheap and fast for accessing information from the network. So I chose IM3 from Indosat, and a Nokia 6120 classic that suits the HSDPA vast connection. (and of course because it’s cheap. Hah!)

Sony PSP

Once a boy – always a boy, they never want to grow up. But never underestimate the power of portable gaming. I’ts the best thing you can do for killing those boring lonely times in your room, just to spend the time away. For sharpening your mind and focus abilities in public places when you don’t have anything else to do than just wait for the bus/plane/car to arrive to a certain destination of interest. Sony PSP gives the best portable gaming experience ever. With great choices of game titles, un-compromized grafics from its relative (the PS2), and the satisfying screen size as a portable device the PSP is my choice of gadget at any time.

Compac Presario B1200

Well, this is my ultimate device. I’m working with this machine on a daily basis. A 12inch laptop, with 2GB of RAM, 160 Gigs of Harddisk, an Intel Centrino Duo processor, and a windows vista OS. Nuff Said.

About the other junks, well they speak for them selves actually. No need for further assessment. Hah!

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