Coffee Lover


“Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and as sweet as love” – Turkish Proverb

Well, I guess some people like to exaggerate their way of describing how a perfect coffee is supposed to be, but as a coffee lover I wouldn’t agree less.

Hi, my name is Hiro, and I’m a coffee addict. I remember when I was a still a kid, I used to be curious of how a coffee would taste, but every time I asked for a cup of coffee to my mom, my dad always says “no son, you shouldn’t drink coffee, your still young and it’s not god for your growth”. Until now, I’m not sure weather or not what my father warned me as a kid about coffee is true that coffee for children is not recommended. I wonder, maybe the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee is what makes my dad concerned about me drinking it back at those times. Anyways, I did obey my father and took my interests elsewhere.

Up until I started high school, when homework and studies started to get a little hectic, I began to drink coffee for helping me stay up late. At first, helping me to stay up late is all that I needed from a cup of black coffee, but the more I stayed up late to do my home works and studies so the more I drink coffee. At that point, I new I turned my self into a coffee addict. Until now, I drink coffee regularly in the mornings and afternoons .

But what’s a coffee lover without knowing the history and the wonders of coffee?So, here are some facts on coffee that I know of:

  1. The most widely accepted legend associated to the discovery of coffee is of the goatherder named Kaldi of Ethiopia. Around the year 800-850 A.D., Kaldi was amazed as he noticed his goats behaving in a frisky manner after eating the leaves and berries of a coffee shrub. And, of course, he had to try them!
  2. The Arabs are generally believed to be the first to brew coffee.
  3. Brazil accounts for almost 1/3 of the world’s coffee production, producing over 3-1/3 billion pounds of coffee each year.
  4. Jamaica Blue Mountain is often regarded as the best coffee in the world. I’ve tried this coffee in an excelso coffee shop in Malang (IDR 39.000) and you can really taste the quality of the coffee.
  5. Adding sugar to coffee is believed to have started in 1715, in the court of King Louis XIV, the French monarch.
  6. The word ‘cappuccino’ is the result of several derivations, the original of which began in 16th century. The Capuchin order of friars, established after 1525, played an important role in bringing Catholicism back to Reformation Europe. Its Italian name came from the long, pointed cowl, or cappuccino, derived from cappuccino, “hood,” that was worn as part of the order’s habit. The French version of cappuccino was capuchin, from which came English Capuchin. In Italian cappuccino went on to describe espresso coffee mixed or topped with steamed milk or cream, so called because the color of the coffee resembled the color of the habit of a Capuchin friar. The first use of cappuccino in English is recorded in 1948 in a work about San Francisco. There is also the story line that says that the term comes from the fact that the coffee is dark, like the monk’s robe, and the cap is likened to the color of the monk’s head
  7. A scientific report form the University of California found that the steam rising from a cup of coffee contains the same amounts of antioxidants as three oranges. The antioxidants are heterocyclic compounds which prevents cancer and heart disease. See!! Coffee in fact has a positive effect for your body! So, coffee is good for you!
  8. Beethoven who was a coffee lover, was so particular about his coffee that he always counted 60 beans each cup when he prepared his brew.
  9. Coffee, as a world commodity, is second only to oil.
  10. If you like your espresso coffee sweet, you should use granulated sugar, which dissolves more quickly, rather than sugar cubes; white sugar rather than brown sugar or candy; and real sugar rather than sweeteners which alter the taste of the coffee.
  11. October 1st is the official Coffee Day in Japan. I wonder what they do when celebrating coffee??

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