Upload Large Files at GudangUpload.com


Sometimes we want to share photos and pictures to our friends and families, but usually to sendi large files maybe a problem when using email addresses to send large files as attachments. Like I did today, I was trying to send some of my photos I took when i went to DUFAN and Bogor to a friend. I had already tryed to compress both folders in a ZIP file compression, but still, each folder was about 8MB and the email I use from my office would’nt allow me to send a file larger than 5MB. So I searched the internet and found a recomendation for www.gudangupload.com, not long after that, i signed up for the service, and tried it right away.

    At first it was a bit confusing because the page didn’t have any buttons for starting any uploads, so I searched again for information on how to use that site. I found out that if we want to upload any file, we have to modify the http address from:

    http://gudangupload.com/index.php?page=main to http://gudangupload.com/index.php?page=upload

    Then the page directs to this:

    And this is what you see when the upload starts:

    So, happy uploading guys!

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