StarOne vs Fren


I’ve been using StarOne for a while now as my CDMA phone connection. And pretty much I don’t have any complaints about it’s connection. Mostly I enjoy i’ts cheap internet connection rate wich is 1 Rp/Kb and of course the same as all other cdma providers out there I enjoy it’s cheap phone rate between the same cdma providers. The only trouble I have when using starone is that each time I travel out of town my starone number is disconnected from the network. The only solution is to purchase a new starone number from the same city of my location.

So, I tried to compare another cdma provider with my starone, wich is Fren Mobile8. The ultimate advantage from this provider is that whenever it is used from a different city the cdma connection network still works. This means that if I would use Fren Mobile8, whenever I travel out of town, I won’t have the trouble of buying a new local number so that I can keep enjoying the low rate calls between the same providers.

Here is my comparison results:


Star One


Lokal & SLJJ

(sesama provider)

22,72 Rp/menit

540 Rp/menit

(270 Rp/30 dt pertama + 270 Rp/30 dt kedua)

PSTN lokal – peak

65 Rp/30dt

425 Rp/30dt

PSTN SLJJ – peak

( > 500 km)

2.270 Rp/6dt

925 Rp/30dt

SMS – sesama provider

22,7 Rp / sms

100 Rp/sms

SMS – beda provider

225 Rp/sms

300 Rp/sms

Internet Connection

0,9 Rp/kb

6 Rp/kb (vol-base)

160 Rp/mnt (time – base)

So, the verdict? I guess starone remains to be my choice of cheap communication and connection. Cheers!

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