Blogging With Microsoft Word 2007


Finally I was able to connect to my wordpress acount using this new feature I found in Microsoft Word 2007. This feature will help me alot on updating my blog entries. Usually, when I upload my blog which consists of pargraphs and pictures, I would have to upload the pictures manually one-by-one. Now, I’m testing this application for the first time. And I hope everything goes smooth.


Great! It works Great! All the pictures I wanted to post on my blog is automatically uploaded on my wordpress account, and I don’t have to set up the size or picture alignment, it is uploaded exactly as I how I created in Microsoft Word 2007.

It seems like from now on I’m going to have much fun with this new feature I discoverred!

Oyea, and I have to thank these guys for tips on blogging with Microsoft Word’07:


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