Nokia E71 or an Asus EeePC 900?


I heard the news of the new Business Class E Series coming out this month, the new Nokia E71.
Lately, I’ve been thinking of finding a new gadget that can help me out on accessing the web on the go. I’m starting to find the need for a wider screen for viewing websites on a mobile device with qwerty keypads that supposively helps in better texting especially whenever i have anything to write a new entry on my blog. While browsing for all the gadgets that are currently available matching my criterias, I read about the new nokia E series E71, so I just had to take a look at the video review on YouTube.

Here are two reviews that I found, both from MasterBetaNYC:

and this is the second video:

I’m pretty impressed with the review, but I’m still thinking about the price tag sold here in Jakarta. I’m estimating that it’ll be sold around 5.500.000 IDR. I’m still not sure if it is worth it, cuz by topping another 500.000 IDRs It’ll already be worth an Asus Eee PC 900. It’s a pretty tough choice.. anyone have an opinion on which is worthier between the two gadgets? a Nokia E71 or an Asus Eee PC 900?

8 Responses to “Nokia E71 or an Asus EeePC 900?”

  1. 1 Dave McLaughlin

    Can you carry the Eee PC in your pocket and make phone calls from it? Each has their own use. For me the E71 is a business tool and great for my email and my expenses tracking. I would rather have a Windows Laptop and the E71 than the Eee PC. I see it as only useful if running Windows and you don’t need and real speed. I get frustrated with my Core 2 Duo laptop as it is sometimes when slow so the Eee PC would not be my ideal choice. If you need a phone with business features and a reasonable QWERTY keyboard, then the E71 is a good choice. I am sorry I moved away from Nokia to Win Mobile but once the E71 arrives in Jakarta, I will be back and staying with Nokia for sure.

  2. 2 hiroadrian

    Thanks for the reply Dave,
    Currently I’m pretty much convinced on what gadget I should spend my money on. I’m preferring a lot on the Nokia E71. And I can’t wait till this device shows up here in Jakarta. I just don’t get the fact that Singapore is head first in throwing this “marvel” in their local market, why can’t Nokia-Indonesia just speed up the launch in get it over with!

  3. 3 stephen

    I have checked from a friend’s shop in RoxyMas (HoneyPhone) at ground level ,sold at 4.965.000 IDR. Very good deal.
    Lets grab it… cool tool for business…real mobile.


  4. 4 hiroadrian

    @ Stephen,
    I hope it’s not too late before you go to the store you recomended, coz I got it from nokia global teleshop in senayan for excactly 4.900.000 IDRs! plus a free 1 year membership for free assistance and download from Nokia Center. Check my blog entry here.

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  6. i think stephen is just the owner or affiliated with the owner of honeyphone. lol

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