iPhone 3G with $199 price tag!


My last entry was about thinking to get a Nokia E71 with a price tag of an estimated 5.500.000 IDR. But then, I saw this video on youtube that showed the keynote speech from Steve Jobs and in the video Steve says that the iPhone 3G will be sold at a price tag of only $199 same price all around the world! Gosh! I couldn’t believe the things i heard coming from that video.. What if it’s true? What if that slick-evolutionary-awsome-and just simply wow- gadget comes to Indonesia and is sold at that exact same price? It seems waaay too good to be true!

Theres gotta a be a catch somewhere here and there.. It seems hard to believe that indonesian cellphone sellers will allow such device to be sold at that low price! I just gotta see until the iPhone 3G comes in Indonesia next month..

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