NETBook – The New Beginning


Laptop development have been an object of consumer’s demand in not only the sophisticated processing system but also the demand for design and lately a growing demand for laptop size.
A more specific demand for mobility has emerged for users in need for simple access to the internet and entertainment media. More and more public hotspots in coffee bars and pubs has inspired gadget consumers to demand a simple and portable gadget just for the ease of accessing media and web browsing. Therefore instead of having to carry the general sized notebook in a oh-so-obvious laptop bag, people turn to small and portable devices like pda’s or other smartphones that are wifi abled so a quick reach from a pocket and voila! a direct and quick connection to the hotspot and on to their blog update or any social website profile.
Then there comes the small sized notebook with moderate power for productivity but enough for entertainment, web surfing, basic word processing, or basic image editing.
Fujitsu first called their product as “lifebook”. A small sized laptop around 7inches of screen size. But their lifebook has features and specs that are powerfull enough to make the cost to acquire such a device quite unafordable to average gadget enthusiast. Then there’s the small Vaio from sony which is no different in price then the latter mentioned. As producers soon to realize the frustrated consumers with a limited budget in their bank accounts, they start to figure out how to satisfy the simple and humble needs of these consumers. Asus ran first place in providing a product with moderate processing hardware thus reducing the cost of production and eventually cut the selling price of their device launched as the Eee PC. Though the humble specs installed in their EeePcs, it’s quite budget friendly for the average customers but enough to deliver and serve their needs for simple access in websurfing and medias. Other producers start to realize the potential competition and start to cook their own ‘cake’ in the bakery. Eventually a new name was needed to identufy the new description of the small notebook. The word “Netbook” comes to the surface as described in wikipedia:

The term netbook was introduced by lntel in February 2OO8 to describe a category of low-cost and scaledown subnotebooks used primary for surfing the lnternet and performing other basic functions like word processing. These may be carried out using applications installed on a solid state drive or by the use of cloud computing services.

So, lets all just sit back and relax and observe the new term “Netbook” as it develops in time to become a new powerfull meaning in the world of gadgets and technology.



3 Responses to “NETBook – The New Beginning”

  1. 1 Jackdaw

    The term netbook was actually introduced by Psion back in early 1990’s specifically branded as netBook. I used one those days. It was an ‘instant on’ scaledown notebook with touch screen that can also be used for surfing the internet (modem attached) as well as performing other basic functions like word processing, spreadsheet, PIM etc. It came in black colour and leather bound. Psion subsequently became part of Nokia’s Symbian, the os running in many of the Nokia’s S60 smartphones.


  2. 2 hiroadrian

    thanks for the enlightment..

  1. 1 New Gadgets | NETBook - The New Beginning

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