Youtube back to flash player 8?


I’m not sure whether it’s a good news or bad news but for sure today when I browsed to youtube (on my nokia E71) while spending an afternoon after going to the gym in starbucks and sipping a cup of cold caramel machiato, it turns out that this time the videos worked! You may recall from my entry here that there was a time when youtube used an updated flash player 9, while our loved device was equipped with flash lite 3 which is based on the flash player 8 so it wouldn’t play youtube videos directly from the website (I got a bit frustrated at that time…). Well, at least, as long as I know of, not until today.

At first I went to the mobile version of youtube (

The mobile version worked pretty well, as you see in the screenshots when I clicked to play a video, the browser automatically opened realplayer and the video streamed from it (it didn’t play directly in the browser like I hoped it would). Oh yea, and by playing the video in realplayer, you have the option of saving the link of the video stream to your gallery.

Then, I got curious, and I tried out the desktop version of youtube (replacing the ‘m.’ in front of with ‘www.’). And all of a sudden, I saw it!Yup!There it is… The video played directly in the browser!

and you know when you press the full screen button on the bottom right corner of the flash video and the video becomes viewable in full screen? That is exactly what happened when I pressed the same bottom right corner of the flash video… It went full screen on my nokia E71 with additional player controls on the bottom screen:

Well, I guess what I have found out about here just made my day today!

It seems that this E71 device I’m holding in my hands is getting more and more powerfull each day!


//Update on 23.07.2008>Settings for RealPlayer//
Here’s how to set up realplayer just in case anyone doesn’t have a clue:


8 Responses to “Youtube back to flash player 8?”

  1. 1 Simon

    Hi, nice blog. I am having problem viewing youtube from my E71. It says that the device is unable to connect to the server and I get “‘RtspTemp’ not saved. Save now?”. Appreciate your help. Cheers

  2. 2 hiroadrian

    You should check the settings for the realplayer first. Make sure it doesn’t use a non active connection. Don’t forget to always check the connection settings whenever you switch from UMTS/3G/HSDPA to wifi. Look up in the above update for settings.

  3. 3 Simon

    Hi thanx for the replied, Do you know how to uninstall E71 themes from the phone or memory stick. Is there an uninstall application that can do this? cheers.

  4. 4 hiroadrian

    I haven’t tried this yet but I’m sure I will oneday. But I found these steps for uninstalling themes from the memory stick, just jump to this link.

  5. Hi, can you check if videos from MTV’s new stream okay or not? I have feeling they won’t…

  6. 6 mark

    hello.. i really need help.. im having problem when im watching youtube in my N70.. everytime i watch youtube it becomes blured it doesnt show the picture..

  7. 7 hhhh

    thanks hiroadrian

    with youtube problem it works only to change network connection at real player settings

  1. 1 YouTube with Flash Lite 3 is back ! | biskero

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