Get Push Email in Nokia E71!


I’m pretty sure all the power users out there have already used theese apps/services for getting push email in their own nokia E71, but maybe some one out there may find this post useful.

We all know that our precious Nokia E71 has the ability to retrieve emails as this device is somewhat a Blackbery contender, but bare the fact when actually the email that we setup from the email wizard (I’m not talking about the Mail for Exchange App) is truly a PULL EMail rather than a PUSH EMail like what RIM Blackberry does. Although the Nokia E71 device allows automatic retrieval every 5 minutes it’s still called pull email because your device actually ‘pulls’ information of any new emails that you get in your mailbox and then retrieves the new mail contents to your handset.

As I surfed around many blogs out in the net, I found two applications that offers PUSH EMail and I’m referring to the PUSH service as one expects in getting from RIM blackberry services.

The applications are SEVEN and Intellisync from

SEVEN is a service that lets you enjoy push email directly to your mobile device. These are the email providers that can be pushed through SEVEN:

SEVEN is easy to setup, all you have to do is create a free account in the seven website, then download the sis file to your handset, the E71 isn’t listed yet but there is an option for the general symbian s 60 3 rd edition devices. After installing the app in your device, you can easily set up any email account you have and even add more email accounts to use:

Please note that I use the free YahooMail account and it works as expected, I have not tried the YahooMail Plus!, I’ll leave it to you guys who has a YahooMail Plus! account.

The great thing about this application is that it uses the standard messaging app from your E71:

It also tries to reconnect automatically whenever you loose connection coz of maybe poor signal reception, it displays the status of when the last time the connection was successfully established:

Next is the Nokia Intellisync from It’s a beta service that lets you enjoy PUSH Email in your device. Like SEVEN, there is an application that you must download and install to your device after you register an email of your choice (only one email is allowed). The difference is, the nokia Intellisync uses its own application to access the email in inbox:

Actually, the inbox interface is great, not like the standard messaging app, the Intellisync application lets you collapse or expand messages in the inbox based on date received:

The downside is that Intellisync does not support the free YahooMail account. And another issue that bugs me is that when you setup the Intellisync as active in the enabled application for the home screen:

It still shows read messages from the inbox, I’d be satisfied if it would disappear from the home screen view just like the standard messaging app would’ve handled it:

As a conclusion, I would recommend the Push Email service from SEVEN, but feel free to try out both coz after all the guys in nokia beta labs did try their best to deliver, the least we can do is try it out and send some feedback for future development.



63 Responses to “Get Push Email in Nokia E71!”

  1. 1 Michael Hunt

    Don’t forget that there is also Emoze ( I find this gives the best battery life out of all the ‘push’ solutions.

    • 2 irma

      please advice.. i try to use emoze. i want to ask, it is just for 1 mail account???

  2. There is also emoze which is quite similar application to seven and I think it works much smoother on E71 than seven app.

    Additionally emoze allow you to push data from your pc (outlook, lotus notes) to your mobile. You install emoze app on your pc, you install emoze app on your mobile and emoze serves do the rest. But for this to work you need to have your pc to be on 24/7.

  3. Self edit.

    I also tried Nokia Email server. Works nice, but stopped to push email after a while and their push-time is much more than emoze or seven. It took few minutes for email to be
    pushed to my device (seven/emoze do this immediately), and after a day of using the service did not push any email at all (well, it’s still beta).

  4. 5 hiroadrian

    @Michael Hunt & Kichu,
    Thanks for the heads up on emoze, I’ll check itu out soon..

  5. 6 Phelicks

    How to setup Emoze with several email accounts?

  6. 7 hiroadrian

    I’m not sure you are able to setup more than one email account using Emoze, It’s like the nokia intellisync where you are also not able to use more than one email account… I recommend using SEVEN for setting up several email accounts.

  7. my next handset, after the first batch were sold out

  8. HELP ME………. PLEASE!!!

  9. 10 Joel

    Hi Friend

    I have Nokia E71 and my official mails are running on google apps. As suggested I tried configuring Seven available for general symbian s60 3rd edition devices. I have created IMAP profile for my account but whatever I try I never get any option to start syncronise my mails. When I am in the mailbox created for Seven, I get only 3 options Create Message, Help & Exit.

    Please can anybody guide me.


  10. 11 catlog

    hi there hiroadrian heard of seven but but have not tried it yet. Tried nokia email instead on my 6120c, seven looks interesting. Will try it soon . i didn’t know that it can downLoad yahoo. As I am trying to avoid downloading yahoo mail into my phone because my yahoo mail are full of rubbish and junks and i i wanted to avoid paying for the gprs data charges just to download those junks . thanks anyway,

  11. 12 Jan

    Hi guys,

    I am using SEVEN and thinks it works great with Exchange. Though, one question; when replying from Outlook (with Excahnge), does it get markedet ‘replied’ on the phone? It works the other way.



  12. thx, i like this info.

  13. 14 ichan

    i can;t find E71 when choosing phone type selection menu, why;s it ?

  14. Hi there 🙂
    just try Nokia Email Beta 😉

  15. 16 hiroadrian

    please tell us how we might be able to help you..

  16. 17 hiroadrian

    @ Joel

    I have created IMAP profile for my account but whatever I try I never get any option to start syncronise my mails.

    Actually the SEVEN application will start to sync automatically according to your own weekdays start and stop configuration. Try to check your sync settings by going to: Options>General Settings>Push Settings. In the push settings configuration you can set when you want the synchronize process to start and stop by defining the weekdays start time and weekdays end time.
    I hope this helps, tell us how you do okay..

  17. 18 hiroadrian


    one question; when replying from Outlook (with Excahnge), does it get markedet ‘replied’ on the phone?

    Sory, but I haven’t tried using exchange with seven, but I doubt that the replied sign will be synchronized to your phone (via SEVEN)..

  18. 19 hiroadrian


    i can;t find E71 when choosing phone type selection menu, why;s it ?

    I didn’t find the option for E71 also, but you have the option of choosing “Nokia S60 3rd Edition” device:

    Not all compatible devices are listed. This includes the list above as well as the menus on the download pages. If your specific device is not listed, select Other for Vendor, then for Model, choose the entry which corresponds to your device’s operating system:

    * Windows Mobile 6 Professional devices: Choose Windows Mobile 6 Professional
    * Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices: Choose Windows Mobile 6 Standard
    * Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC devices: Choose Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC
    * Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone devices: Choose Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone
    * Symbian Series 60 v3 devices: Choose Symbian S60 3rd Edition
    * Symbian UIQ v3 devices: Choose UIQ 3
    * J2ME devices: Choose J2ME

  19. 20 David Very

    By the way….what’s the website of SEVEN? i can’t find it in

  20. 21 Adrian

    Hi Hiro Adrian,

    Greetings from Adrian hehehe… we have the same name.

    I’ve been reading on Seven and Emoze and, CMIIW, but I find that Seven push e-mail application is dependent to particular mobile service providers, whereas Emoze isn’t. For example, in Indonesia, you would have to be a Telkomsel or Telkom Flexi user in order to use Seven application (that you can download from Ventus, the designated push e-mail provider).

    Thus, that makes Seven a paying service, as opposed to Emoze which is a free service (so they claim, I wouldn’t know as I haven’t used it, can somebody enlighten me on this?)

    I wouldn’t mind subscribing to push e-mail service as long as it’s usable across mobile service providers.

  21. 22 hiroadrian

    You don’t have to get the application download from Ventus, just download it directly from the site. Okay, maybe you missed the download page, so here is what you should do:
    1. first reach this page:
    2. then try to ignore the “select country” and “send to phone”, but try to find the tiny words underneath the “select country wich says “downloading the software to you computer desktop” or here is the link:

    ps. it won’t hurt if you register to the beta testing program first..


  22. 23 fistikal

    hey, can anyone upload a sis file for the nokia email beta.
    i been requesting sms links for over 3 days with no luck from the site

  23. 24 liza

    Cool phones and nice article, so overall ratingnya brapa nih out of 5?
    Btw, info aja berhadiah E71 setiap minggunya.

  24. 25 Suniti

    I intend to buy a E-71. I get my e-mails through the office mail server. Will the push e-mail service enable my phone to pull the e-mails even when the office server is switched off? Pl help.

  25. Well…the problem in using emoze is…the server is oftenly down…:(

  26. 27 Balie

    Hi ,im from chennai… i just bought an E 71 … Im using Vodaphone service provider…
    i got no idea about setting up an email on my ph….
    Can any1 step by step instruct me hw do i set up an mail … activities involved in settin up an email …
    wherein i can see the pop up of my new mail… ( compose new mail , attachment ( excel, image files videa files )

    i have already downloded gmail, yahoo… i can only view my mails howvever it doesnt pops up or intmates e about the new mails ….

    and also wen i try loggin into my orkut account …it pops up a message ” leavin secure page ” and it doesnt let me get into the orkut account …
    thanks … Balie

  27. 28 mike

    hello. great info here.

    i am using Seven on a Nokia E71. I can’t get new emails to push automatically. I have to go into the mailbox and select “check mail” Then, after doing that I am told if there are new messages or not.

    I assumed the point was for this all to happen automatically.

    I have set up my push times and such.


  28. Thank you so much. this is valuable information for my e71. Will try out for sure.

  29. 30 daniel

    guys ada yg tahu nggak cara setup voip atau internet phone di e 71? thanks

  30. 31 Shohrat

    Thanks a ton for the help. Have managed to get a good Push mail service- Thanks

  31. 32 Moises

    hi hiro thank you for your wonderful blog. I just got the e71. really happy with it. I tried the nokia email first. I felt it was a bit slow. So then I tried the Seven app. Much faster interface. Thank you

  32. 33 ezrydn

    while setting uo SEVEN, it cant id my e71

  33. 34 firlina

    hi..i’m so glad to find this blog, it’s very helpful..but i still i have a question to ask..well,when i install seven, there’s a question about my phone number,what does it mean?i’m afraid that i should pay for this service through my cellphone provider at the end of the month,hehe.. lookin’ forward for ur answer..thx

  34. 35 ricomd

    Will the charging be more expensive using seven than a blackberry service since it is continuously connected via gprs?

  35. 36 ana

    hey, i think i am having a really blonde moment, but i sitll do not know how to set up email on the E71. is there a walkthrough guide that isnt the one on nokias web page that anyone knows of? also do you have to get one of these push things from seven etc?? didnt realise how useless i am with technology till this phone..any help is welcome??

  36. 37 jason

    Note for yahoo users. Emoze does not work with free yahoo mail version, you will have to have the mail plus version.

    SEVEN works with free yahoo mail accounts

  37. 38 Vaibhav Chavan

    Hi i m vaibhav chavan, i am using E71 with vodafone service but i am not able to access mail through that, plese give me reply urgentaly

  38. 39 anand

    respected sir,madem

    NOKIA E71 this mobile manual settings for GPRS pls send me.

  39. 40 Sufriady Saleh

    hi guys,
    I installed 7 on my E71 and as far as i can tell, it worked well. However, to those who’re price-sensitive, emoze would be nice as well.

  40. 41 A Rahim

    hey there.

    i installed the seven beta on my phone and work laptop and its working smoothly but soon realised that i am not receiving any emails if my computer is not switched on! why is this? so sorry am kinda a newbie with this hope someone can clarify.


  41. 42 Asif

    SEVEN and Emoze are both fine (I use both) however what is the point of having multiple email addresses when ONLY TWO can be shown on the homepage of my E71? And to make things worse, these 2 emails must be configured in the native Nokia Messaging Application.

    So you have several email accounts set up however when looking at your phone there is no way of telling how many new messages you have unless you into the MEssagibg application itself.

    As good as the E71 is, this is a dealbreaker for me, I’m going back to Windows Mobile 6.

    Does anyone have a solution for displaying all email notifications on the homescreen?

  42. 43 GP

    The real problem here is that those programs drain your battery as they stay connected alllllllllllllllllll the time to the internet in order to get a PSEUDO PUSH email , the PUSH email connection must be initiated from the server side like blackberry does, not from the phone (PULL) , if you use the email wizard already built-in on your phone, it will check every certain period of time

  43. 44 Lesley

    I’ve tested Seven en works great, but I’m not quit convinsed about the fact that it’s free or not.
    Does somebody knows?

    Oh, and what about the traffic it has?

  44. 45 d1r34

    Hi guys.
    I just got my E71 but I’m trying to set up my corporate email aaccount but haven’t had luck doing it, I tried the seven software and the default software on the phone but didn’t work. I went to the local phone company provider, but they weren’t helpful enough for the set up.
    Do you guys have any idea or any extra tip, to help me out to set my account on the push email service, I use to have Blackberry but wanted to try a different equipment.
    Thxs in advanced

  45. 46 john

    I would like to sync my microsoft office outlook 2003 verison emails from my PC to my nokia E 71 including older emails I had before I purchased the E 71 – I dont have microsoft exchange. Does anyone know how to do it- ire transfer emails across from my PC to my Nokia E 71 that ar e currnelty sitting on my computer ?

    In addition, using Nokia Intellisync, once the email is downoladed , does the email get stored on theNokia or is it lost once the email is deleted from the server?
    Can anyone help?

  46. 47 Abdalad

    Hi there, thanks for the tip.

    I installed Emoze on my Nokia E61i. It´s working fine. except by the fact that I need to “push” email manually.
    Every time I launch Emoze from my mobile, it asks for a connection. I understood that Emoze was suppose to connect from time to time and push emails from my (gmail) inbox.
    What did I do wrong? Anyone can help me?

    Carlos Abdalad

  47. haiiiiiiiiii

  48. 49 loha

    thx, i like this info. Though, more question;
    can i store my email from SEVEN in my memory card??
    and what if i want to backup my email to my pc?
    thx before..

  49. 50 Muriu

    Correction with the nokia mail intellisync application you can have upto 10 emails all running simultaneously.

  50. For those of you wondering whether SEVEN is free or not, here’s is some clarification:
    — Access the Beta program is FREE. Just like any Beta program, it is not guarantee that there will be no issue and that the system will be up 100% of the time.
    — Otherwise is FREE as part of the data plan of many of the 130 operators worldwide who use SEVEN as part of their mobile messaging stack. This includes Sprint, ATT, US Cellular, Alltel, Telefonica, 3UK, 3AU, Tele2, and many more. The full list is available on the SEVEN web site,, under “How to Get SEVEN”

  51. 52 Sundi

    I am able to use Nokia E-mail to access my Yahoo e-mail for free just fine. I just do not Nokia E-mail because the HTML display sucks. I don’t like Seven, EMoze or Mail for Exchange(MFE) because I prefer to view the HTML in my e-mails for my work Exchange account. I was willing to dish out the $50 and pay for the Roadsync application. It is awesome compared to the other ones. Just download the 30-day trial and see what you think about it. I like being able to sync my calendar-just like MFE but Roadsync beat MFE out with the e-mail features.

  52. i wish to recieve emails direct into my phone,nokia71i.

  53. 54 stevie

    when you retrieve emails, does it cost? is it using part of any data package you have ? if you dont have a data package and are not usnig wi-fi at home say, what cost is associated with it ?

  54. 55 steveie

    when you pick up emails on the move and are not using wifi like at home, is this then using a data package if you have one, if you dont have a data package do you have to pay for this ?

  55. hi all,
    I have purchased new Noika e71 and want to install my office e-mail account on it.I tried it but fails. If someone know how to configure it on mobile and what should be procedure for it .suggest for the same.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sanjay Gupta

  56. 57 Tejas

    I have used the NOKIA push email and is excellent. We a group of friends have tried it on different handsets E71, E51, 6110 , 6210. One serious problem we faced in all the handsets and have tried to inform Nokia but we have not received any response from them so we intend to stop using it.
    The problem is we get around 1500-2000 emails daily even if we set it for 3 days the PHONE memory gets full since Nokia is storing the emails on phone memory and have not given any option of changing it to the Memory card.
    If any of you can inform Nokia about this and if this is resolved then Nokia push email can be the best bet.

  57. Apart from emoze, there is another mobile app UNOS that applies the similar technology for push email. In fact, as long as you have the POP3/IMAP details and login, you can immediatel setup the emails to your device. I’ve check out their websites and it mainly runs on java enabled phones.


    How to connect internet and recieve emails with my nokia E71 tv mobile phone i cannot connect

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