Question: Do You Blog from Your E71?


It wasn’t long since I started blogging. In my first few posts I just couldn’t find the right time between the time when an idea came to my head about a certain topic I wanted to share in my blog and the time I could pop out my laptop and start typing those thoughts I had.

Sometimes ideas just come by when I’m not in front of my laptop, wether I’m sitting in a bus, cooling down in my gym’s lounge after a few workouts, in a taxi, or even during a call of nature (most of my ideas come at this particular moment!).

At the time when I realized this shortcoming, it was the time I thought I needed some sort of device that is small enough to carry around in a pocket, simple enough to start typing any ideas I had without waiting for a looong startup time like the way notebooks do, or able to go online to add some references on a certain topic that I have in mind. Then I decided to look for a qwerty mobile phone. So I started the hunt for the many qwerty phones out there. Luckily not long during my search, BGR posted their video review “Nokia E71 walkthrough part 1 and 2“, and so I thought that my prayer was answered and looked for a qwerty phone no more! Yes, the main reason for me to purchase my own E71 was for the luxury of being able to type my blog post ideas with ease. This is how I do:

  1. I like to use the ‘active notes’ application for drafting my blog posts:

    Some of you might say “but there is no saving options for the active note application like you would find in office notes or office suite?so how can you save your unfinished drafts?” Actually you can save active notes, it’s by simply pressing the right button marked “Done” any time you wish to pause your burst of ideas and it automatically saves your last typing just like a normal save feature in office notes/office suit apps.

  2. The great thing about active post is that when I’m done writing an entry including the image attachments, I can send the entry to my laptop (via bluetooth) and the file transferred will be in a html format just like when you save a webpage in your desktop browser where all the pictures embedded in that page is saved in a linking folder.
  3. Then, I would open my photobucket account from my laptop and upload all the images in that folder (corresponding to the blog entry)
  4. Next, I would copy the html addresses of the images from my photobucket and paste it in my WordPress post editor for publishing.
  5. A few layout editing and then Voila! I save and publish my new post to my blog site…

Currently I’m pretty satisfied in how I blog, particularly using my E71. But, I’m wondering am I the only one who does this or is there anyone else who blog with their E71?if so, please share how you make use of your E71 in writing your blog posts in the comments below…


9 Responses to “Question: Do You Blog from Your E71?”

  1. i do blog with my e71! im using windows live at the moment, and im still looking for a way to straightly add blog entries from my e71. at the moment im stuck in sending entries to my laptop then post it to my blog. ive tried few times but windows live said that my entries are too long. anyone have any thoughts?

  2. 2 hiroadrian

    Same with me, I wish wordpress would add an application for mobile blogging for symbian devices and not only for iPhone..

  3. 3 Lukree

    But you can publish also by sending an email, right??

  4. 5 hiroadrian

    wow! thanks mir! your info is really enlighting..

  5. @All,
    Tried several time using Scribe, but only bug that I found…any successfull experience?

  6. 7 ndT

    try pixelpipe ( Write your blog on your E71 then upload it directly from your phone into your blog.

  7. 8 dreamsofhijab

    I also failed with Scribe despite all the good reviews its getting. I just doesn’t work on my E71.

  1. 1 Nokia Daily News 08/08/08 | Nokia Daily News

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