Is Push Email from SEVEN a Real Battery Drainer?This is is My Test


Actually, I haven’t realized the problem of the battery life consumed by the SEVEN application for push Email while it runs in the background until I received a heads-up on this particular issue posted in a comment. Again, I was curious and wanted to see wether using the SEVEN application in my Nokia E71 is a real batery drainer.

This is my test:

My batery bar was down to one on Wednesday August 6th ’08 at 21:28

Photobucket Photobucket

I started charging my device at 21:43 same day. During this test, I am running two applications in the background, one is the SEVEN application and the other is Nokia Intellisync:


I’ll leave my E71 on while charging and… well, I’ll just go to bed for now…G’d Night!

Thursday, Augst 7th ’08, 05:45

G’d morning guys.. I just woke up now and my E71 is fully charged with 7 bars of battery life indicator. As usual, I switch my profile from personal to work and I’m all-set to get back to work:

Photobucket Photobucket
Thursday, Augst 7th ’08, 15.19

I’ts almost the end of my office hours now, I’ve had a few voice calls (around 10 to 15 minutes in total), received 8 emails using SEVEN push email, and no bluetooth nor wifi activity, and I’m down to 5 of 7 bars of battery after last nights full charge..

Thursday, Augst 7th ’08, 22:38


It’s almost twelve hours since I started this battery test. I did a few online rss feed readings, and wrote a few paragraphs of blog entry using the active notes. And now we’re down to 3 of 7 bars of battery indicator. I’m planning to turn off my E71 while I sleep soon after this update (though I usually keep it turned on). Why? Coz I want to test the battery life in an affective time period. I don’t think keeping the phone active all night while I sleep will be an effective usage of battery life. Well… G’d Night…

Friday, August 8th ’08, 06:07


I just turned my phone back on again, starting off the day with 3 bars of battery life, lets see how far it can go for the rest of the day..

Friday, August 8th ’08, 13:52

it’s 13:52 and my battery have just run down to 1 bar left, I guess the this test will be over soon..

Friday, August 8th ’08,15:47

Well, I guess thats it for my Nokia E71 batery life. At exactly 15.47 my phone starts to show the low battery warning.


This is the recap on my test:

  • My count starts from the moment I unplugged the charger from my E71 which is at Thursday, Augst 7th ’08, 05:45 am.
  • Paused the test for sleep at Thursday, Augst 7th ’08, 22:39 [ from 05:45 to 22:39 is 16 hours and 54 minutes ]
  • Continued at Friday, August 8th ’08, 06:07.
  • The test ends on Friday, Augst 8th ’08, 15:47.[ from 06:07 to 15:47 is 9 hours and 40 minutes]
  • I used SEVEN and nokia intellisync to run in the background
  • I’m connected to a 3G network (I heard that GSM connection saves more battery life)
  • and my wireless scanning is off

It turns out that my nokia E71 lasted a total of 26 hours and 36 minutes. I was wondering how the heck did the nokia guys say that the standby time lasted until 17 days?? This is the specs on the Nokia E71 webpage:

Well, anyways, using the SEVEN application in the background seems pretty acceptable (for me that is) in terms of battery consumption in exchange for the ability to get push email.

Anyone care to test how long your E71 goes without the SEVEN application running in the background?


6 Responses to “Is Push Email from SEVEN a Real Battery Drainer?This is is My Test”

  1. 1 putra

    hi there

    I have followed all of your guidance in the previous comment . instaled the seven in my pc and e71. I have signe in to the seven web site, but i can not get any email from my work email, here I am using the pop3 as the email service provider. I can not send or receive email in seven,waiittiing for your further guidance. Makasih bro..

  2. 2 catlog

    yo bro my 6120 c lasted 12 hours when both online for seven and nokia email . So yours is twice better than mine. You have to know that the talktime of of wcdma(3.5G) is only +/- 4 hours (when used in conjunction with heavy packet data connections (3.5) then the battery life will end in 4 hours. So what do you expect.?
    Stand by time 20 days = when the phone is fully charged , jusst keep it under the drawer , you dont use it and dont ever touch it then it will last 17-20 days.

  3. dsfsdfs67877 test test

  4. In case you’re trying to reproduce something similar, be aware that if you’re using the SEVEN Beta program to get the SEVEN client, you won’t get a real test of SEVEN. Because the (FREE) community is open to worldwide users, the configuration is as generic as possible and not optimized like it would be for any SEVEN production system deployed at a wireless operator or device manufacturer.

  5. 5 prita

    WTF?? 17 days?? u must be joking leh…

  1. 1 Nokia Daily News 08/14/08 | Nokia Daily News

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