Hello world!

This is Hiro broadcasting through the unlimitted world of blogging, passing through the wildest and craziest traffic of bloggers, chasing in behind great authors, zipping through the vast information, while deploying thoughts and ideas along the way.

This is my time, and these are my thoughts..


5 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. 1 Kevin

    Hey bro.
    I read your website and you wrote alot about the nokia e71. Good site you have mate.

    I recently just bought the phone and learning how to use it.

    I read that you are also using SEVEN? I have just installed SEVEN and is quite happy with that. I only have one question, which I am not sure if you’re facing the same thing. Each time, why do I need to re-select the access point in SEVEN to connect to the internet? or maybe it is just my phone?

    Hope you can help me bro.


  2. 2 hiroadrian

    Dear Kevin,
    I was pretty excited about the Nokia E71 since since the day first did a video walkthrough on it untill now. Thats why i wrote a bunch of posts about it. I really love this phone since it has made a benchmark for other smartphones in the same biz with plenty of it’s capabilities. I guess you’ve figured that out by now.
    About the SEVEN application, I haven’t experienced the problems that you have told about. I wonder whether you have set the Options > General Settings > Others > Access Point to a working connection that you use? Try it, it should solve your problem.

  3. Hi there, I just download the expenses app for my Nokia 71 and it seems that its only for a 10 day trial? 😦 any tips on bypassing that?

    Another question would be for my mail i am aware that Yahoo mail cannot work in e71 unless its yahoo mail plus?

    Thanks dude for your help and really appreciate it. thanks!

  1. 1 lipitor
  2. 2 aphthasol

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