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Actually, I haven’t realized the problem of the battery life consumed by the SEVEN application for push Email while it runs in the background until I received a heads-up on this particular issue posted in a comment. Again, I was curious and wanted to see wether using the SEVEN application in my Nokia E71 is […]

I’m not sure whether it’s a good news or bad news but for sure today when I browsed to youtube (on my nokia E71) while spending an afternoon after going to the gym in starbucks and sipping a cup of cold caramel machiato, it turns out that this time the videos worked! You may recall […]

Update Sept 1st’08: new version of expenses application from + free download link My friend asked me about how much of my Nokia E71’s applications do I really use in everyday life? I thought of that for a couple of seconds and 90% was the percentage amount that came to my mind. Then I was […]

I got my very own Nokia E71 last saturday (YESS!! FINALLY!), and it turns out that I got it cheaper than the one sold from I purchased mine at Plaza Senayan in Nokia’s Global Teleshop and paid 4.900.000 IDR’s (that’s 475.000 IDR’s cheaper than the price from studiohp). I’ve been enjoying my Nokia E71 for 24 […]

I got an email from telling me that the NOKIA E71 is IN THE HOUSE! The guys at studiohp are the first to sell in indonesia. Based on their info, it is sold at IDR 5.375.000, here is the email that I got earlier today: Nokia E71 Telah Beredar Salah satu ponsel E-Series terbaru […]

I’ve just stumbled upon this cool new feature from the guys at cooliris. It’s a great new application add-on for my current webbrowser (it works with many other supported browsers). First of all, I got really stunned by the 3D experience in using the PicLens. You are brought into a 3D interface where a stack […]

My last entry was about thinking to get a Nokia E71 with a price tag of an estimated 5.500.000 IDR. But then, I saw this video on youtube that showed the keynote speech from Steve Jobs and in the video Steve says that the iPhone 3G will be sold at a price tag of only […]