I got my very own Nokia E71 last saturday (YESS!! FINALLY!), and it turns out that I got it cheaper than the one sold from studiohp.com. I purchased mine at Plaza Senayan in Nokia’s Global Teleshop and paid 4.900.000 IDR’s (that’s 475.000 IDR’s cheaper than the price from studiohp).

I’ve been enjoying my Nokia E71 for 24 hours now, and I still can’t put this thing down even for a while. I’m starting to get used to the predictive text input method both while texting in english or in indonesian. But somehow I can’t measure and compare witch is faster between writing text messages using a qwerty keypad device like the one I’m using now, or am I faster using a conventional keypad. But still to be honest, the predictive text input gets me a lot further in total words but with less keystrokes with my thumbs.
Enough about the texting, after a few hours in checking up on all the menus, my so called instincts tells me that I just have to try adding more apps in this device. So, here’s the list of symbian s60 3rd edition apps that I added:

  1. I love my operamini browser, so this app is the first thing that I added to the E71.
  2. I have to have an all-in-one chat application that combines all my messenger accounts (i.e. Yahoo messenger, google talk, msn messenger). To enjoy the satisfaction, I recommend using Parlingo because the interface is simple and it’s easy to setup.
  3. The third thing I tried is allowing my webrowser to play youtube vids directly from the site just like the guys at BGR did in their walkthrough videos. I don’t know why but I can’t seem to get it right. I tried installing the adobe flash lite 3rd but the phone refused the proses and tells something about the flash player was already pre-installed. But infact the browser just froze on youtube. I also tried installing emtube but still can’t seem to work. I gotta get my self some help on this one. Maybe some of you could help me out here?
  4. The last one was I tried to set up my email accounts. YahooMail worked great and the setup was as simple as entering just your email address and password. Then I tried setting up mail for exchange, but I got stuck on the network connection timeout. I think I’m gonna have to ask the guys at nokia center here in jakarta to help on this.

Okay, to be honest, by now my thumbs are numb! After all this typing. Turns out that I’ve still gotta work out some method of ‘thumb warm up excersize’ to avoid future pains and discomfort.


UPDATE ENTRY on July 8th 2008:

@ 3: I found a different application for playing youtube on your nokia E71, it has a pretty decent interface and I think its much better than emtube.

Here is the download link: Youtube for Mobile 1.0.8 beta

@ 3: I finally understood what it means when my nokia E71 device “says” to me that it is already pre-installed with flash lite 3.0. It means that if you have a youtube video file (the one with the flv extension) you can play it dirrectly in your nokia E71 device without any need for converting the video vile (for instance to a 3GP file). All you need to do is copy the video.flv file and paste it to the file folder in your device, get to the Video Clips folder in Gallery and there it is! your flv file is ready to play! (uuuuu… I love my new phone even more!!!)

@ 4: Finally I was able to connect to my exchange server and able to retrieve emails from my office inbox. (Satisfied full throttle!!)



I got an email from http://www.studiohp.com telling me that the NOKIA E71 is IN THE HOUSE! The guys at studiohp are the first to sell in indonesia. Based on their info, it is sold at IDR 5.375.000, here is the email that I got earlier today:

Nokia E71 Telah Beredar

Salah satu ponsel E-Series terbaru dari Nokia yaitu Nokia E71 telah beredar di pasaran dan kini bisa diperoleh di StudioHp. Perangkat seri E bari ini memiliki desain sleek tampak sangat chic dan memiliki keyboard Qwerty. Didukung dengan fitur HSDPA, GPS, kamera 3,2 megapiksel dan memori sebesar 128 megabyte.

Ponsel ini juga support email account dari lebih dari seribu internet service provider (ISPs) di dunia seperti Gmail, Yahoo! mail, dan Hotmail.

Selain mementingkan fitur-fitur ‘serius’ untuk para pebisnis, E71 juga dilengkapi dengan fitur hiburan seperti musik, video dan ovishare. Untuk soal konektivitas, selain dilengkapi dengan fitur koneksi berkecepatan tinggi HSDPA, juga telah mendukung Wireless Lan.

Fitur-fitur :
* Built for messaging inside and out
* Optimized mobile email and messaging experience with full QWERTY keyboard
* Simplified email set-up
* Intelligent input with auto-completion, auto-correction and learning capability ensuring fast and error-free typing
* HSDPA data connection of up to 3.6 Mbps for fast downloading of emails and attachments and web browsing
* Two customizable Home Screen views with active stand-by plug-ins and application shortcuts
* Quick access to applications with One-touch keys (Home, Calendar, Contacts, Email)
* Nokia Calendar and Contacts for Eseries applications with improved features
* Support the latest OVI services, including maps, music and media sharing
* Integrated A-GPS Navigation and Nokia Maps
* Music player, Media player, Visual Radio
* Online sharing: Share on Ovi
* 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash, front camera for video calls
* Up to 110MB internal memory; support for up to 8GB microSD memory card
* Built-in mobile Nokia VPN for convenient intranet access
* Data encryption for both phone memory and microSD
* Nokia PC Internet access (via Phone as modem functionality)
* System: WCDMA 850/2100, WCDMA 900/2100 and WCDMA 850/1900, HSDPA, GSM/EGSM 850/900/1800/1900

Hubungi: (021) 6386 8000

I’ve just stumbled upon this cool new feature from the guys at cooliris. It’s a great new application add-on for my current webbrowser (it works with many other supported browsers).

First of all, I got really stunned by the 3D experience in using the PicLens. You are brought into a 3D interface where a stack of images and videos are displayed together for viewing. Scrolling in the PicLens is a great experience. When scrolling, the stack moves sideways like this picture below:

when you stop scrolling, it slows down and comes align with the screen:

The best thing I enjoy using Piclens is that it supports YoutTube Browsing, while the IP administrator in my office proudly says to them selves “ho..ho..ho.. NO MORE YOUTUBE BROWSING FOR YOU GUYS AT OFFICE HOURS!! HAR!HAR!HARGH!..” Using Piclens enables you to bypass the protected keyword by your office admins for accessing http://www.youtube.com website. Maybe because PicLens does not enter directly to the youtube.com site, so we can say that we all outsmarted the enoying admins and “Let The Videos Roll!!”

Don’t hesitate, and just try it for yourself!


I’m really curious (er..maybe excited) ’bout the nokia e71.. so i’ve used most of my websurfing finding all the interesting info’s on this particular nokia.

Here is an unboxing video of a new nokia e71 that i’ve picked up on the web from dailymobile:

I can’t to get my hands on this gadget!!

heres another Hands on video:

this one is from phonescoop:

My last entry was about thinking to get a Nokia E71 with a price tag of an estimated 5.500.000 IDR. But then, I saw this video on youtube that showed the keynote speech from Steve Jobs and in the video Steve says that the iPhone 3G will be sold at a price tag of only $199 same price all around the world! Gosh! I couldn’t believe the things i heard coming from that video.. What if it’s true? What if that slick-evolutionary-awsome-and just simply wow- gadget comes to Indonesia and is sold at that exact same price? It seems waaay too good to be true!

Theres gotta a be a catch somewhere here and there.. It seems hard to believe that indonesian cellphone sellers will allow such device to be sold at that low price! I just gotta see until the iPhone 3G comes in Indonesia next month..

I heard the news of the new Business Class E Series coming out this month, the new Nokia E71.
Lately, I’ve been thinking of finding a new gadget that can help me out on accessing the web on the go. I’m starting to find the need for a wider screen for viewing websites on a mobile device with qwerty keypads that supposively helps in better texting especially whenever i have anything to write a new entry on my blog. While browsing for all the gadgets that are currently available matching my criterias, I read about the new nokia E series E71, so I just had to take a look at the video review on YouTube.

Here are two reviews that I found, both from MasterBetaNYC:

and this is the second video:

I’m pretty impressed with the review, but I’m still thinking about the price tag sold here in Jakarta. I’m estimating that it’ll be sold around 5.500.000 IDR. I’m still not sure if it is worth it, cuz by topping another 500.000 IDRs It’ll already be worth an Asus Eee PC 900. It’s a pretty tough choice.. anyone have an opinion on which is worthier between the two gadgets? a Nokia E71 or an Asus Eee PC 900?

Sewaktu nonton Indiana Jones di Blitz Megaplex, saya baru sadar bahwa ternyata sudah lama nggak ada perasaan menanti-nanti film yang cukup worth waiting for.. Begitu ngeliat trailer film-film yang akan datang rasanya perasaan itu muncul lagi.. Banyak film worth waiting for yang akan keluar pada musim liburan ini, dan ini saya sudah pilih film-film yang menurut saya bakal enjoy banget nontonnya:

Here they are, the most antisipated movies for the folowing season of 2008:

Batman – the Dark Knight:

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